Beginners Tips to Improve your Pubg ranking

I've got some tips today to help you become better PUBG players and start filling up on chicken yourselves. What the heck is chicken, you might ask? 
  • Well, that's when you win a game. You get a chicken dinner. That's just how things work. 

<<<<<<<<<<<<    Let's get straight into  >>>>>>>>>>>>

 Tip number one, and that is to plan your drop zone and get there first. You can determine the plane's direction and path and a number of ways you can either wait for your player icon to appear on the mini-map. You can see what direction you're looking and that's where the plane is coming in from or you can look at which direction you're facing in the plane as soon as the mini map is able to be accessible and you can simply take the opposite of that direction.

For example, if you're looking northeast, that means the planes coming in from the southwest. If you're looking south, that means the plane is coming in from the north. You guys can figure that out quickly. It will help you determine an appropriate path to jump much more quickly. You're gonna want to jump to the high-density loot locations to try to get geared up as soon as possible. You can find those by looking for the big city names all over the map.

And as you get more familiar with the map and your surroundings, you're gonna come up with some favorites that you're going to want to jump to more often than not. If the plane's path allows it. Once you've chosen a destination, mark the map by clicking the mini-map. Once you've done so, a marker will appear and that market will then show an icon on your compass at the top of the screen. And that's the direction you want to focus your player as your jumping.

Try to take care of your positioning and maneuver while you're still skydiving and not after the parachute is popped. Once the parachute has deployed, you want to fly directly down to your destination, whether it's a rooftop or a building, while you're on your way there in the parachute. That is a good time to look around with the eyeball tool to make sure that you don't have enemies that are landing near you next to you or even on top of you. You’ve got to figure out if you're going to land first or if they're going to land before you. And that's going to shape how you play the game from that point forward.

That leads us into Tip number two.

You need to gear up quickly and you want to make sure that you pick up the very first time that you come across, whether it's a pistol, shotgun, or other super guns. It does not matter. Having a gun is much better than having fists when you come across your first enemy, especially if it's an unexpected first encounter where maybe you didn't spot all the people flying in right behind you. Once you guys find better weapons, obviously ditch the pistol or ditch the shotgun that you picked up, pick up the assault rifle instead. But make sure that you're looting up quickly. Being super-efficient with what you take and pick up that first gun.

Super important Tip number three is along the same looting lines.

You want to make sure that you're taking only what you need. Be super-efficient. Don't take ammo and attachments for guns that you don't even have or don't keep the ammunition or attachment from guns that you have dropped in favor of others. If you drop and pick up a shotgun in a choke and all kinds of 12-gauge shells, you want to make sure that you ditch those. Once you pick up an assault rifle to replace the shotgun, the attachments in the ammo will not clear out of your inventory. And that inventory space is valuable for other things, such as boosts or medkit. You want to make sure that you have the space available for the items that are actually going to benefit you. Now, once you've dropped cleared your immediate area, looted it up a little bit and you're starting to get ready to actually defend yourself or even fight.

 You want to take note of Tip number four, and that is to pay attention to the safe zone.

Open up your minimap, check the white circle. And if you are outside of that first white circle, you know that you need to move to get to it before that first-timer counts down. That’s right below your minimap and the safe zone starts to collapse. If it collapses in your outside of it and you're in the blue zone. You will start to take periodic damage, which is not super helpful if you're trying to win the game and make sure that you're moving inside the safe zone at all times. There are a couple different, more advanced strategies for playing the safe zone. We will cover those in future episodes as well.


Tip number five
is to always move while you're out in the open if you're in line of sight of anywhere where you could potentially be shot.

Make sure that you're a moving target and not a sitting duck for players like me that like to snipe from long range. I'm always looking for that player that stands still while looting a supply crate or looting an enemy or maybe just looking off in the direction through his scope as well. If he stands still for a moment, that head is getting in my cross-hairs and I'm going to blow it up. So make sure you're staying very active and moving while you're looting and while you're running around. Jump right here in there. You want to make sure that you are not an easy target. That being said, if you are in cover or if you've decided to go crawl and lay in the grass, you want to be as still as possible while you're in cover. If you're in a building, staying still will keep you from making noise that may alert enemies to your presence and in the grass. Obviously, those visual cues are super apparent when you're scoping in on a hillside, and all of a sudden you see something move that'll cause an enemy to look in closer to your area and ultimately find you and kill you.

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