The Ultimate kill PUBG best weapon stats : Sniper Riffles

Hi guys, I will tell you some factors about the sniper rifle you get in PUBG normally in loots in any maps i.e. Kar 98 and M24

Let's get started. The 1st comparison is Damage

Without any armor, we see the base damage of the weapons where the M 24 clearly has the highest against level one armor. We see something interesting at Kar 98 will not one shot at a level one helmet when shooting in the neck, but the M 24 will a clear advantage over the M 24 with level two armor. Headshots are still lethal for both weapons. However, the next shots are not lethal with either weapon when the target is using level three armor. None of the weapons will one shot with a headshot. However, the M 24 still does more damage overall.

Next is a ballistics comparison

Where we will test the bullet velocity and the bullet drop for both weapons. The Kar 98 bullet velocity drops fast in the beginning, but then levels out and has a very slow and consistent drop in average bullet velocity. This is naturally due to the effects of drag where the quick hit the bullet travels. The more drag meaning the faster the bullet slows down. The bullet drop is extremely consistent, up to 600 meters from where the bullet drops twice as fast as before. This makes the Kar 98 very intuitive to use when hitting long-range targets up to 600 meters.
The M 24 has a higher bullet velocity at the beginning of the bullet travel. However, when exceeding 500 meters, the bullet now travels slower than the Kar 98. Making long-range shots further away than 500 meters. easier to hit with the Kar 98. The bullet drop curve is also less intuitive, but worth mentioning here is that the bullet dropped up to 300 meters is very low, which basically makes the weapon feel like a laser on shorter distances. And since most of your snipes are done less than 300 meters away. This is great. Comparing the data on the same data, we see that the Kar 98 has the most consistent drop in bullet velocity and is faster from 500 meters and beyond. Also, the M 24 bullet drop curve is higher, meaning that you need to aim lower with an M 24 compared to when using a Kar 98.

Next is something that has never been done before. A recoil analysis of bolt action. 

Sniper rifles here are measuring the max recoil position or bounciness of the weapon and the radical testing position firing a total of ten shots. We quickly see that the Kar 98 is extremely stable when it comes to the vertical kick and elegant handling and a beautiful result. For the M 24, this story is a bit different. We definitely see that the extra damage kicks the weapon around more. The Kar 98 ends up being the most stable weapon when fired. But how quickly can you fire consecutive shots? The weapons have an identical rate of fire. The hip far accuracy seems to be better with the Kar 98, which is noticeable by the crosser being slightly smaller when holding a Kar 98. This is an indication that it likely is like this. However, it definitely isn't much. And speaking of accuracy. We have a problem. I'm standing at perfect 100 meters away from the target wall, which is also the default zeroing distance of all scopes and sides, meaning that I should hit exactly what I aim at, which is definitely also the case when using a site or scope. This should also be the save for Iron sides, which is perfect for the Kar98. However, when using the M 24, we have a significant misalignment, which is exactly why you'd never hit your shots when using this iron sight. The bullet simply goes far too high. And yes, the M 24 Iron Side is also 0 to  100 meters. Comparing the sway of the weapon, it is actually possible to perfectly synchronize the weapons. This shows that the weapons used the same sway parameters and are equally steady; the ADS speed is also identical. Reloading a full magazine is 0.3 seconds faster with the Kar 98 and interestingly the Kar 98 magazine counter updates when the weapon is ready to fire. But the M 24 counter updates at the insertion of the magazine, which could lead to the use of thinking that the weapon is ready to fire before it actually is. 

And now for some stealthy stuff. First, let's test the Flash visibility of both weapons.

And when going further away. The flash is identical for each weapon when talking camouflage, the Kar 98 is Dark with a more natural colored look, which makes it blend in slightly better with most surrounding environment compared to the completely black M 24. The barrel length of the Kar 98 is shorter than the M 24. This means that enemies might spot your M 24 when it sticks out of a window. Yet another stealth advantage for the Kar98 making it slightly less likely to get spotted.
When reloading the weapons, one of them leaves a trace behind. The M 24 magazine drops to the floor and stays there for about a minute, whereas the Kar 98 leaves no trace behind. Finally, let's test the sound of each weapon and learn how far away they can be heard. The audible distance is identical, however, the unsurprising M 24, interestingly, makes noticeably less noise between 400 and 1000 meters.

 So in conclusion, both weapons have different strengths and weaknesses. However, all the old simply due to the damage and faster bullet velocity up to 300 meters, the M 24will be the preferred choice for most players. I hope you guys have learned something. The M 24 is stronger and a rare rifle, but it certainly isn't the best on all parameters.

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