Tricks and Hacks to kill or fool your enemy in PUBG Part -1


If an enemy is hiding inside a smoke, just switch to FPP and rush in. It's easier to spot an enemy using FPP compared to TPP.


The truck on Novo can be used as a good hiding spot. Just come near it and climate, you can now pron yourself and wait for your enemies. As soon as you spot one, you can surprise them from behind.


If you're in this building and an enemy rushes towards you, just jumped from the right window to land directly into the lower window. Now you can surprise your enemy from the back.


Let's learn a basic fact. If you press the drive button and exit, you'll land on your left side. Similarly, if you press the get in button and exit, you'll land on your right side. In intense situations like this, we'll quickly press the get in button and exit to confuse our enemy.


If you're in Novo, you can climb over this cylinder and jump over to the roof. Now go here and get onto the tree in this manner.

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