Tricks and Hacks to kill or fool your enemy in PUBG Part -2


You can knock your enemies easily from this spot. If you're near this building in the military base, climb over this box. Now go a bit backward and climb over here in this manner. This is a very good spot to hide yourself when you're the only one left in your squad.


If you're inside this triple store building and an enemy rushes towards you, go to the top floor and jump onto this window. Nobody can spot you from the stairs. So you can take an easy shot.


If you're on the terrace of a triple store building, just jump on to this railing and climb this fence. Now go back a bit and jump towards the roof in this manner. You can get a very good view from the top and spot the enemies easily.


If you're swimming underwater, you won't lose your health until 17 seconds have passed. After that, you'll start losing five HP every two seconds. Hence, if your health is full, you can survive for 40 more seconds. So in total, you can survive for approximately 57 seconds under the water.


If an enemy is camping above you. Firstly, get to know his exact position using TPP. It may seem to you that you're undercover, but the enemy may be able to see your head. So just switch to FPP. So if you're able to see the enemy, even the enemy would be able to see you now. So just be quick and take an easy nap.

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