Tricks and Hacks to kill or fool your enemy in PUBG Part -3


If you spot an enemy on top of this house, stand nears the door and jump on to this window. Now grab this small roof and climb into the house in this manner to surprise your enemy.


While crossing the bridge, one good way to check the bridge camp is to stop over here and look carefully, since vehicles get rendered easily, we can spot a vehicle behind the broken bus. Hence, we can confirm that the bridge is capped. You cannot see the vehicle if you scope in. Now, since you already know about the bridge camp, you can take a good fight. Here's a good hiding spot inside Georgo poll, just climb under this crane and jump over to here. Now just hide yourself and take some easy knocks.


When you're using a six times scope, triple tap on the scope button to increase your vision around the sides of the scope. Here's the normal look. And here's the look you get after the triple tap.


If you spot an enemy inside this barn house near the Georgo city, you can climb this wall and jump over to here. Now enter into the building and surprise them. Keep in mind that a smoke lasts for approximately 40 seconds.


You can jump higher by clicking on the jump and crouch button together. Here's a normal jump. Here's the jump. Using the trick. Ever gotten knocked?

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