Beginners Tips 2 to Improve your PUBG ranking

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Tip number Six is to use the eyeball tool just like you did when you were dropping in with your parachute. It's super helpful when you're running around the map as well. Once you've determined. Where you're trying to run or drive, you want to look around with the eyeball tool so you can do a couple of things. You can scan the area to see if there are any potential threats to watching you. And you can also sneak up on people by looking at them, planning your attack and they don't even know that you actually see them.

So use that to your advantage. Make sure to use the eyeball tool as you're driving around. Don't just tunnel vision on a target or an enemy or a destination and forget to check your flanks. Now, eventually, footsteps and gunshots and cars driving by are going to start to fill up the battlefield. You're going to hear sounds.

And Tip number Seven is to use these audio cues to locate nearby enemies. This is absolutely imperative. And a probably about 90 percent of tracking enemies.

Their location comes from audio and not visual cues. Not joking here, guys. Having a stereo headset or earbuds is crucial to your success in this game. I highly recommend that you grab that audio for tracking and locating your enemies to do this. Using audio alone, you want to focus your player's crosshair on the direction where you think the sound is coming from. Make sure the gunshots or the footsteps or the car sounds that the audio is balanced from a volume perspective in your left and your right ears. You want to make sure that it sounds the exact same loudness. And once you've done that, you're going to be looking pretty much right at where the sound originated from. Now, the volume of the shots of the footsteps, that is going to tell you how close the target is, whether it's super far away or if it's right next to you.

Tip number Eight expands upon the same process of tracking and locating your enemies when there are audio cues going off in the game?

If you hear gunshots, put your crosshair where you think they're coming from, but immediately put your eyeballs, your visuals on the mini-map. Look at the mini-map and there's going to be an orange radar blip that pops up on that minimap. And that is going to tell you the general direction of where those shots came from. Now, if you can combine your hearing and your seeing so that both of these sensors are telling you the same direction, there's a great chance that you're gonna find your enemy in that direction.

Now, you can also use your mini-map to plan routes. All you have to do is look at it. Tap it to open it up. Make it big. You can press to zoom in or out. And then once you've done so, you can mark the map just like you did on the flight in to plan your routes. And that'll again put a marker on your compass that you can track and follow at any time, making navigation a breeze. Now, once you've been in a few fights or taking some fall damage or gotten in a sticky situation in the gas and you've lost a little bit of hell.

Tip number Nine is going to come in super handy and that's to make good use of boost and keep your player at full hit points.
 You want to make sure that you're not suffering by going into fights, missing any HP at all that is going to put your opponent at a significant advantage. There are a lot of weapons in the game that are balanced to where one or two shots may do 97 to 98% damage on a player. If you're missing three hit points and you get hit shot for 98% damage, you're gonna feel pretty sad when you know you could have continued the fight. Found cover healed up if you would have just gone into the fight at full hit points. Your energy drinks and your painkillers are the most common boost to be found. Now, your energy drinks work in about two minutes where the painkillers last about three minutes. Energy drinks will heal about 23% of your HP over time.

So every few seconds your health bar will take up just a little bit. Painkillers will actually heal even more. Almost 40 % of your total hit point bar and that will happen over three minutes. If you are lucky enough to find an adrenaline syringe, adrenaline syringes will fill up your booze bar to 100 percent and that will heal over 80 percent of your health bar over five minutes. So it's more often than not you're going to be using the energy drinks and the painkillers. Make sure you loot these items as often as you can. They're uncommon, not rare. But you always want to have a plentiful supply of booze on your persons at all times.

Tip number Ten is to use a supply drop crates to your advantage.
You can do this by looting them for some of the best weapons armor scopes in the game or you can use them as bait. If you're able to get to a crate first, loot it and get a little bit away from it. You can continue to watch the crate as other players in cars and vehicles and even on foot will surely approach you to see what was in the crate and you can shoot them dead pretty easily. Or if you come up onto a crate late and it's been down for a while, you know that there are probably people in the area you can come upon the full alert and make sure that you're able to pick these guys off as they're trying to escape that danger zone of around the crate.

Tip number Eleven is to make use of the prone stance on your own terms. This means that crawl is a very valuable way to hide your personality and make yourself less visible. This is essentially lying down in the grass, snaking around, hiding and attacking by surprise. That is something that is very, very effective. But it is not effective if you are not doing it on your own terms. What do I mean by that? Go crawl when nobody has seen you approach an area.

Don't go crawl. If you're being shot at. If you decide to lay down after you've already been acquired by somebody that is putting their scope on you, you are dead. They know exactly where. Lay down because they're looking right at you. If you are being shot at instead of going prone, run to the nearest cover zigzag, jump around, and make yourself a difficult target to hit. But going crawl while somebody's shooting at you is essentially waving the white flag and surrendering. Unfortunately, in PUBG mobile, there are no prisoners of war. You're just going to die in this game. I was able to obtain a suit and get to an area undetected. So once I went prone I was able to sneak attack my enemies without them ever knowing where I was.

Tip number Twelve is to fight from cover to decrease your exposure to your enemies. People are gonna be looking to take you down constantly. And if you're able to fight from behind a tree or inside of a house, yes, you might get shot. You may take some damage, but you can go behind that cover during the fight and heal up. You can even get all the way back to full health before you re-engage. That makes you a very difficult target to take down. On the contrary, if you're standing in the middle of the open, you're stuck either running around as a free target essentially or going prone. And as we said in the last tip, you're just going to get shot and killed. Flight from cover use houses, use trees, use rocks, use embankments on terrain. Use all of these things to your advantage. Don't fight from the open.

 Tip number Thirteen and our last tip; engage in battle on your terms when victory is likely.

If not assured, you want to make sure that when you're fighting your opponents that you have their head or their chest in your sights. And you've got a real good feeling about picking up a kill. You don't want to give away your position by firing before you're ready to get that kill, letting them know where you are, allowing them the ability to reposition, to get cover themselves, to heal up so they can re-engage you. Make sure that you fire when you see them, and don't be pressured into entering a fight, especially if you think the enemy's fishing for your location, and they don't exactly know where you are. So as you're going to see at the end of this game, my opponent, I know exactly where he is because I saw him earlier and he thinks he knows where I am based off of sounds. But unfortunately, I'm wearing nothing. He is wrong. He never sees me. And I'm not baited into the fight. When he finally shows himself, I'm ready for it.

Pop him right in the chest. Get him on the head and boom. Winner, winner. Chicken dinner. That is how it's done, players


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