Hello folks as we are playing Pubg mobile for a long time but still many of us don’t know to set the sensitivity to control our weapon firing stability. If you are a Pubg freak so you must try these combinations to set the sensitivity and improve your killing ratio or K/D.

The sensitivity settings in this game are much more complicated than other games, due to the many different sensibilities. This guide will show you how to understand each one and set the sensitivity for the best purpose possible. Let's start with PUBG mobile tips.

Types of sensitivity settings - PUBG Mobile:
  • Camera sensitivity (free look)
  • Camera sensitivity
  • ADS sensitivity
  • Gyroscope

Camera sensitivity (free appearance)

This is the actuality that the eye tool can look around. An eye tool helps you in a quick look around to spot your enemies.

Camera sensitivity

Under this category, there is the applied sensitivity when moving the camera without shooting or looking around. This is also the sensitivity used when sniping. Camera sensitivity also helps to quickly turn towards the enemy to attack them if it is not set properly you might be slow to look and they can knock you down.

ADS sensitivity

This sensitivity applies when moving the camera while shooting or spraying. This is the sensitivity that we focus on controlling bounce. If you were able to set your ads sensitivity you can increase your winning ratio to 60% as most of your enemies might not have good recoil in their weapon while shooting.


This is the sensitivity you use your thumb to tilt the range without moving the camera. Operating the gyroscope greatly improves the accuracy of the shot and also helps control bounce (by tilting the phone down while spraying)

As you have set the sensitivity which I have given you above but it might slightly vary because of the phone model. So go to the training ground and practice this sensitivity before the game and if these combinations are not matching try to set according to you by increasing or decreasing the sensitivity. When you find it perfect for yourself to start a little bit of practice then jump for the classic matches you can see the differences.

*If you are a non-gyroscope player keep it close and the most important point practice as much you can in Arcade, TDM, etc for more pubg wins.

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