PUBG Elite pass trick to unlock

Hello PUBG Lovers, Today I am going to share the method by which you can buy the Elite pass and unlock the RP missions and enjoy the rewards you are going to avail from it.

*This method is confined to Elite pass.

So let’s get started:

All you need is 600 UC cash to purchase the Elite pass, and purchasing UC can be a painful part because one doesn’t want to spend bucks from their pockets just for a game. But we all have that longing to get weapon skins, Bag skin, Clothes skin, etc.

 So how can you get it???

Don’t worry much as I will tell you an alternative to get those UC and unlock the Elite pass. But still you have to spend money though, but not for the game. So here the tips as we all do online shopping from websites like Flipkart, Myntra, etc. But many of us didn’t notice that there are some reward points that can be redeemable for other good stuff. Most of us are aware of Flipkart SuperCoin. Super Coins are reward coins that will be credited to your Flipkart account on every purchase and coins last for a certain time. Flipkart gives Supercoin for every purchase you do on the website, make sure you do the shopping from the same login id to keep your Supercoin in one bucket. Flipkart gives 2 Super coins for a purchase of Rs 100 and if you are a Plus member you will get 4 Supercoin for a purchase of Rs 100.

For the Non-Plus plus member, Flipkart will credit a minimum of 2 Coins and a maximum of 50 coins. Coins will start crediting in a user account on a minimum purchase of Rs100 and above. For plus members, the count of the coins will be double. Minimum 4 coins and a maximum of 100 coins will be credited. Once the user collects 300 Coins; automatically the user turns into a plus member. You need 650 Super coins to redeem UC which worth Elite Pass.

Once you have 650 coins in your Flipkart shopping id, you have to redeem that coin for UC. You will get 660 UC for 650 coins.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    How to Redeem It    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Ø  Open your Flipkart account
Ø  Go to SuperCoin zone
Ø  Now Check the Exciting reward, you will get the Pubg banner as the pic given above.
Ø  Click that banner you will see it will ask for redeem.
Ø  You will get a Code, copy that code or type it somewhere.
Ø  Now visit Here

You will see this interface here you have to put your PUBG game character id of yours and below the coupon code you have after filling it click ok and you have done.

>>>>>>>>>>>>You will see this message in your mail<<<<<<<<<<<<<

v  Now go back to your PUBG game to check that you have 660 UC in your id.

You will see the 660 UC in your UC money

Now BUY the Elite pass:

v  Click the RP tab in PUBG game
v  After clicking on the bottom click the Upgrade Pass tab
v  You will see the interface image kept at the beginning of the article.
v  Click the Elite upgrade 600 UC tab
v  Click Ok

Congrats you bought the Elite pass and you will get some pubg item list immediate rewards by clicking the collect button.

<<<<<<<It’s time to unlock the RP Elite Mission and Enjoy it>>>>>>>

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