PUBG Mobile Ban In India : Best Three Alternative Games to play now

When will Pubg Mobile unban in India???

Pubg ban in india and Pubg developer officially said that they are trying to make unban as soon as possible and to make this happen they have also broken the tie-up with the mobile developer Tencent. So we can only wait till pubg unban in india and we can again enjoy Pubg Mobile.

Does Pubg Ban Limit your gaming ability?

As a gamer you should try out every game which is trending in the market. Don’t make yourself limited to some games, make your reach big as the gaming industry is booming at a pace and you have to compete with all the gaming teams around the world.

Yes it’s true that because of PUBG Mobile many best pubg player, Streamers and YouTubers like Mortal, Scout, Mavi, Regaltos, and many more got fame but are they left their profession after the ban of it.No they didn’t, they are expanding their reach and trying out different worldwide trending, game to enter in other competitive tournaments. So there is a chance that you can also become a popular player like them as it’s started from scratch and there is an opportunity waiting for you all, So here are some Competitive Game which you all can try on to compete in this gaming professional road.

Rocket League

RocketLeague, developed by Psyonix (it's "soccer with cars"), is a fantastic sport-based video game. It centered on teamwork and outplaying enemies, it has a competitive game mode.

Each team begins as the Blue or Orange team, on opposite sides of the field. Players compete to be the first to hit the ball with their car when the timer starts. The clock winds down while the ball is in play before a team scores by smashing the ball into the goal of the opposing team, at which point the players return to their starting positions and continue the process before time runs out. The team that has the most goals wins at the end of regulation. If a tie is struck, the teams will play overtime periods before a winner is decided.

Their rivals are what separate Rocket League from Soccer: rocket-powered vehicles. Before each game, players select their vehicle and have different choices for customization. During the game, by driving around lit circles on the ground, cars gain "boost" and can "fly" by combining boosting with jumping.

Can you able to play Competitive tournament in world level like PUBG?

The Rocket League Championship Series culminates in Rocket League Esports each year.  The greatest teams from Europe's, North America, Oceania, and South America are vying for more than $1,000,000 in prizing and their chance to become World Champions. To achieve that stage, teams must prove themselves in their local regions throughout qualifiers, tournaments, and regular seasons.

Is it Free?

Finally, on September 23rd the Rocket League will be accessible for free at 8 a.m. PDT (8:30 p.m. IST). Earlier, a large number of players played the game and the developers felt that a wider audience would be best served to put this game into play by making it a worldwide free play.

Platforms where you can play this game

PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, macOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS

Bonus Point: Sad for the mobile player but you can wait till its mobile version to come in play store till then you can try its copy version that is available in the play store i.e. Turbo League

Fall Guys

The final Knockout shines hordes of online opponents in a crazy rush through the escalating chaos roundabout before one victor remains. You have to deal with bizarre walls, smash rivals and conquer the unending rules of physics and fail toward grandeur.

The vast majority of these mini-games hit the mark, offering both fun and frustration in equal amounts, coupled with a vibrant aesthetic and a brain tunneling soundtrack. And Foregoes manages to make you want to punch the air when you're winning on your screen when you're losing. But you'll be laughing

Up to 60 players compete in matches with battle royale-style gameplay. The idea of fall guys is common to those who see shows like Wipeout, Takeshi's Castle Guide, your own individual jellybean avatar for up to 5 rounds, with an opportunity to carry the crown home. It is easy to ride, leap, dive, and catch as the only method to traverse obstacle courses, escape enemies, and merely keep onto dearly in more survivability-centered events that seek to immerse yourself in the slippery seas.

“Kudos” Players can obtain cosmetics and emotes using an in-game currency to illustrate their character. Players get Kudos for finishing matches and earn "Crowns" for winning. Some suits are characters from various games, including Hotline Miami Jacket or Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series. The game allows microtransactions to buy extra currencies.

Is it a competitive game?

Yes it is a trending Battle Royal Game and players are getting crazy about it. Lots of esports tournament has been organized you can see those in Twitch tv or follow Twitter handles Twitch esports for the update.

Is it free?

Started on PC and PS4 platforms on 4th August 2020, Fall Guys. PS4 provides free play to the PS Plus subscribers (PS plus Live Version of August 2020). You can download the game via Steam Windows on PC so for now.

The platform where you can play this game

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Bonus Point: Sad news for the mobile player as it is not available in mobile version, but if you have a steam account you can try this trick to play on your mobile

Among us

Amongus is one of the best games you can enjoy on different gaming platforms with friends. The name is developed and released by the American game studio InnerSloth online multiplayer party title.

This game offers each player specific roles. Although most of the players take action as crewmates, the key task is to locate the imposter.

It operates on a very basic play-style interface. Players have to identify the imposter on a ship and do basic tasks. The game hasn't been overburdened either with lots of buttons that must be managed at once. It's not built on combat ability or reflexes. You will win by pretending and persuading others easily, and its intrinsic beauty attracts them all regardless of their age and their gaming skills. This game facilitates cross-playing, which allows people to play together independently of the site, although players are not aware of it.

Is it a competitive game?

Although it's gain so much popularity among the streamers, but still, there is no competitive tournaments organize so far. Maybe in the upcoming days, we will see some initiative for the tournaments of this game as its gaining popularity in rocket pace.

Is it free?

PC players will be able to buy the game for $5 on Steam (price varies for various regions). Even if the edition of the PC is charged, there is still an alternative way to play this popular game on a free device.

The platform where you can play this game

Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS

Bonus Point: Good News The official Play Store application allows game players to download among us free of charge.

So start playing with your friends and enjoy these games, you can try out these games with your family also.


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