How to get free uc in bgmi

 How to get free uc in bgmi android?

Actually, there is the trick to get On Google Play Store, How to Get a Refund for In-App Purchase Payments.

Have you forgotten to end a free trial? Or did you sign up for a premium subscription by accident? Whatever the cause, here's how to receive a refund for in-app purchase payments on Google Play Store if you unintentionally paid for an app membership fee with your card.

To entice buyers, several apps provide free seven-day or one-month trials. Unfortunately, many people who sign up for a free trial membership forget to cancel it, and they end up paying the charges even if they didn't want to.

Similarly, if an app normally costs Rs. 999 a year for premium offers you the first year for only Rs. 10, you sign up thinking it's a terrific deal but forget to unsubscribe later. When the next billing cycle begins, your card is immediately charged the correct amount of Rs. 999, and you realize your error.

Fortunately, you can still get a refund for memberships you didn't mean to pay for. Before we get started, keep in mind that refunds for app purchases or in-app subscriptions are only available if you request them within 48 hours.

How to Get a Google Play Store Refund for In-App Subscription Payments

To begin, go to Play Store > three-dot menu > Subscriptions and cancel the subscription you were charged for. This is a voluntary action that may improve your chances of receiving a refund. Then take the actions outlined below :

1. Purchase the UC from the game.

* As we can see the UC in our UC cart we purchased from the play store. Now the trick we have to do to get our money back what we spent on this purchase i.e. Rs 380.

2. Open Your Google Play store account (From which you purchased the UC)

3. Click the Help & Feedback tab

4. Click on the tab Request a Refund.

5. Confirm your google account from which you made the purchase.

6. Confirm your recent purchase which is the Rs 380 UC we bought.

7. Then Click the option I purchased this by accident.

8. Then Click Request Refund

9. And here your request has been approved.

10. Now after the confirmation you will receive a mail confirmation from the Google play store on your registered Mail id from which you applied a request for a refund.

11. Now sit relax and wait for the amount to get refunded. As it was written it will take 4 business days but they refund it within 1 day if any holidays are not there so, be relax.
*This kind of interface you will be able to see in your Google play store after receiving the Refund without losing the UC you purchased.

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