Patch Note for Pubg or BattleGrounds Mobile India(BGMI) Mobile Version 1.8

Patch Note: In January 2022, Tencent and Krafton Company will officially release Version 1.8 of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. This upgrade will be a game-changer because it will include a slew of new features and events. We will share pubg/bgmi mobile version 1.8 patch with you in this article. Please read the entire text to learn everything.

Version 1.8 of Pubg Mobile is now available for download.

The PUBG Mobile VERSION 1.8 update will be out on January 12th, 2022. If the deadline is missed, I will notify you by telegraph; thus, you must join Instagram. On the 14th of January 2022, the Bgmi version 1.8 Update will be released.

Short Pubg Mobile Version 1.8 Patch Notes 

  1. Ui Change ( Settings, Events, Maps & Mission)
  2. Shaking Lobby 
  3. New Styles ( Aftermath, Spider-Man & Jujutsu kaisen)
  4. A new collect animation has been added.
  5. Season 4's new cycle rewards are the same as Season 2's.
  6. New Tdm 8vs8 Map ( Santorini)
  7. Matro Royal Mode is Back!
  8. A New Companion ( Cathy)
  9. First Skins for Lobby Robots
  10. Collaboration with Jujutsu Kaisen

Version 1.8 New Features 

1:- Shaking Lobby In the upcoming release, Pubg Mobile will feature a new lobby style that shakes like a gyroscope. Shake your lobby as soon as you bring your phone in.

2:- Ui Changes After a long time, Pubg Mobile has changed its UI again. In this UI, you can see a lot of changes, such as a completely new setting UI, a completely new maps selection UI, and a completely new event, mission, and royal UI. All of the changes may be seen in the photographs below.

3:- Different Modes In version 1.8, Pubg Mobile introduces three new modes. Update all of the modes' names and descriptions in the table below.

  • Aftermath mode:- After 10 years of bombardment, the Livik map has been completely destroyed, and a brand-new volcano has been added to the Livik map.

  • New Spider-Man Mode: Pubg Mobile and Bgmi collaborated with Spider-Man: No Way Home to create a new mode in the Erangel map where you can see a fight between Spider-Man and villains. After the fight, you will receive a large amount of treasure and new material that you can use in the game.

  • New Jujutsu Kaisen Mode: Pubg Mobile and Bgmi collaborated with the Jujutsu Kaisen comic, and Pubv Mobile added all four characters to games like Arcane Collaboration to promote it.
4:-A new Collect Animation has been released. After the latest version, I added a new gather animation, which you can see is really cool.

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