How to work in the video game industry?

How to work in the video game industry? This is undoubtedly a question that all gamers have asked themselves at one time or another. It doesn't matter if they are young or old when interest in video games develops. It doesn't matter where ever on the planet. How do be one of the people who create video games? The answers are already evident for those who have already conducted this research. This article is therefore not intended to make big revelations. It is instead a question of structuring the information and giving leads to those who wish to work in the video game industry while being, for example, in Benin.

How to work in the video game industry?

The video game industry is hungry for talent.

We often imagine that working in the video game industry amounts to sitting for hours in front of a PC to program the characters' environments and actions. Admittedly, it is a crucial aspect of the development of video games, but it is not the only component of the industry. After all, the engine alone is never enough to get a vehicle going. The same goes for the video game industry.

Like any modern industry, video games depend on many other skills and talents to ensure the success of projects. Therefore, it is not surprising that major studios like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Naughty Dog, or Konami recruit project managers, communication experts, data analysts, IT technicians, accountants, etc.

Today, major video game projects can call on authors, scriptwriters, choreographers, dubbers, actors, and much more. Considering that these professions provide "support" roles, they are not the only video game professionals with atypical skills. So many video game talents will certainly never program a line of code but whose contributions are essential to the success of the projects.

So even if your education or job profile doesn't fit the typical expectations of working in the video game industry, don't give up hope. It is not excluded that you may find intermediary points between these professional universes in the future. What about the jobs that make up the core of the video game industry?

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Diploma courses for working in video games?

The video game industry is transversal. Not only does it borrow from other trades, but the skills it uses are also used in other sectors. From architecture to medical 3D printing, from robotics to intelligence, video game developers can work in various industries.

Diploma courses for working in video games?

It is therefore not necessary to follow training intended explicitly for video games. Admittedly, this is a considerable advantage for the start of a career significantly since graduates will benefit from mentoring, networking, and a guarantee of being "up to standard" in terms of good professional practices.

Still, even with "general" training in these areas, working in the video game industry is entirely possible. Indeed, it will take a little more time to adapt, but the projects are not so different.

Can you be self-taught and work in the video game industry?

This does not mean that you must present a diploma from these training institutes to find a place. One of the most significant advantages of the Internet is that it allows you to access an endless library of information at any time. There are still alternative solutions for those who wish to learn how to create a video game but cannot join a specialized school.

It is possible to register for online courses or follow free training on various sites. And overall, these will often be courses that explain the basics of 3D modeling, programming, character rigging, animation, or even an introduction to game design. Admittedly, these courses will not always be at the forefront of the latest innovations.

The video game industry is not limited to development studios.

What if you can't join a video game development studio? Video games are a colossal industry, but they are also creative works. Nothing prevents you from developing your own independent video game and bringing it to market. It is not the examples that are lacking!

Minecraft is the most profitable independent video game! Games like TowerFall, Undertale, Cuphead, Enter The Dungeon, Hollow Knight, Rocket League, and even PUBG were the first independent games. Even global, cross-generational hits like Minecraft were first developed as indie games. You can do the same.

And if by chance, you don't have the equipment to offer a PC game, you can create an independent mobile game instead. In this field, it is not the examples that are lacking either. Whether it's Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, Fruit Ninja, or Footsies, you can learn how to create a mobile game to take your first steps into the gaming industry.

The particular case of video game testers

When it comes to working in the gaming industry, one job represents the "ideal job" for almost all gamers. Unsurprisingly, this is the profession of video game tester. But before discovering how to become a video game tester, it is imperative to understand the missions of the video game tester. This is about games in development and not about the media aspect for games soon to be available (video game reviews).

We often imagine that it amounts to being paid to do what we love to do. And to some extent, it is. This description of the job description is, however, very incomplete. The video game tester is, above all, a quality control agent. Their role is to test a product and provide constructive feedback that the development team can benefit from.

Therefore, it is not enough to say that the game is "good" or "bad." You have to analyze the playability of the game, document and contextualize various malfunctions and bugs, make practical proposals, and implement situations intended to create bugs. Therefore, it is logical that the video game tester has skills in programming, game design, and analysis. Skills in behavioral psychology are also welcome.

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