Mobile games: spending would exceed 120 billion dollars in 2022

The success of mobile games is undeniable, and its industry should generate more than 120 billion dollars in 2022. According to App Annie, this progress is explained by an ever-expanding offer.

The mobile games market is not experiencing the crisis, and the pandemic has even contributed to its progress. Specialist in application analysis, App Annie looks back on the first half of 2022 of a booming sector, which should generate more than 120 billion dollars this year. The mobile game industry generated more than $1.7 billion per week in the first half of 2021, doing well in a video game market that is coming off a record year. New data from App Annie reveals that gamers spent 3.1 times more on mobile than on console in the first half of 2021. During this period, gamers spent 4.4 times more on games than in 2014.

Spending on mobile games has soared since the health crisis.

Mobile games have taken full advantage of the Covid-19 crisis already in great shape. Spending increased from $1 billion per week in March 2020 to $1.7 billion in June 2021, 40% more than before the pandemic. In the first six months of the year, App Annie recorded 1 billion downloads per week worldwide and estimated that gamers spent 5 billion hours on mobile games each week. This success is explained by the progress made by mobile games "in terms of gameplay and graphics" and by an "always wider" offer. Since the start of the year, more than 810 games have exceeded $1 million in revenue generated – which corresponds to player spending – each month on average. This represents a 25% increase from 2019. Seven games even made over $100 million, compared to 2 games in 2019

A resounding success in Asia

Asia plays a leading role in this success, with several continent countries at the forefront. India is currently the largest download market and "certainly the number one target country for video game publishers and investors." The report tells us that the second-most populous country worldwide counts nearly 5 billion downloads in the first half of the year. Regarding spending on blinds, the Asia Pacific region alone accounts for 45% of the market share. However, the United States tops the list as the world's biggest consumer, spending nearly $14 billion. France, for its part, occupies the 9thup in the first half of 2021, a stable position since 2012. It should be noted that Saudi Arabia and Turkey "saw a phenomenal increase in consumer spending" on mobile games, with 60% and 35% increases respectively compared to the previous year, each reaching $1 billion.

A significant power in video games, Japan leads in monthly spending per consumer: 13 dollars per player are spent on average each month on iOS and Google Play. There are differences depending on the operating system since the expenditure of the Japanese has fallen for two years on Android, from nearly 17 dollars to 13 dollars. Conversely, it increased on iOS from 9 to almost 13 dollars. In other markets, spending is growing on both app stores, and the French spend an average of $2 per month there.

App Annie's data also reveals the importance of Chinese games. The superpower's footprint continues to expand. Its games now hold the second most downloaded spot in the Americas and the region, including countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Russia. In the United States, they represent 11.40% of the market share, just behind games from American publishers (22%) and ahead of those from French publishers (10%). In France, games from Chinese publishers occupy third place (11.40%), behind American publishers (15%) and French publishers (12%).

Games for Gen Z and popularity that differs by age group

Finally, we note that most games are oriented towards Generation Z. This age group represents 70% of the average market share worldwide. These favorite games are ROBLOX and Among Us!, while Candy Crush and Homescapes are popular with Millennials and Generation X/Baby Boomers. In the West, we observe a parity that leans more towards women, especially in France. In our countries, they represent on average 60% of the players of the main applications, with a preference for Among Us titles! , Candy Crush Saga and ROBLOX. Always essential, Pokemon Go is for its part "rather appreciated by men."

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