5 tips to successfully build a gaming PC from scratch

How much would it cost to build a gaming pc??

The main reason why we decided to build our own gaming PC is to have control over its components. In this way, we will have everything necessary for the games to work correctly.

However, building a team from scratch is not an easy task and many questions arise. What should the CPU speed be? Is it essential to invest money in peripheral gaming headphones? How much storage for gaming pc?

To resolve these doubts, we share 5 tips to keep in mind when building a gaming PC from scratch.

5 tips to start building a gaming PC from scratch

5 tips to start building a Mexico gaming PC from scratch

1. Set a budget

We must be clear about how much money we want to spend on our gaming PC. Investing more in the processor, motherboard, and graphics card is a great idea to start with. Peripherals like keyboards or gaming headsets are easier to upgrade.

The final gaming PC price depends on the parts we choose. It is important to understand that it is best to opt for quality and new components. Inexpensive parts will reduce the performance of the computer.

2. Choose the processor

When buying the processor we must take into account the number of cores, since they define how many processes a CPU handles. A processor must have at least four and preferably more than six.

The IPC also has a decisive influence on the performance of the computer. The higher it is, the more powerful the CPU will be.

3. Buy peripherals

Gaming is an increasingly immersive experience. Although gaming PCs play a fundamental role, buying gaming headsets and other peripherals allows you to take full advantage of the virtues of gaming.

It is a good idea to consult specialized blogs to choose the best models of gaming keyboards, mice, and headphones. The choice will depend on our budget, taste, and games that are used the most.

4. Select other components

The graphics card is just as important as the processor in a gaming PC. We must take into account the resolution in which we want to play. In addition, we must look for a graphics card with high cooling power.

For its part, RAM is a device that stores the data and instructions issued by the processor, temporarily. The higher it is, the faster the information will be transmitted and, therefore, the better the performance of the equipment.

5. Look for ergonomic designs

One of the fundamental features when choosing components such as gaming keyboard and mouse bundle, chairs, and headphones is their ergonomics. This refers to the ability to mold to the body, to play comfortably for hours.

To buy a chair, it is necessary to try it first. In case of not being able to, it is important to make sure that it is designed for our weight and height. As for gaming headphones, circumaural models are usually the most comfortable.

Building a gaming PC is not a simple task, but by correctly choosing its main components — hard drive, RAM memory — and its peripherals — gaming headphones, mouse — we guarantee an unbeatable gaming experience.

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