How to build and how much would it cost to build a gaming pc?

If you are one of those who are tired of consoles and are making their way in the gaming world, you should know that having a good team is essential to start off on the right foot. In the following article, we will help you with some tips so you can build your own gaming computer, but surprisingly powerful.

To begin with, you must bear in mind that the background matters more than the form, in other words, beyond huge monitors with 4K technology, the interior components of your gaming computer must be the best within your possibilities. 

How to build and how much does your gaming computer cost on a budget?

What components are necessary to build a gaming PC?

Let's start by listing the basic parts that make up a gaming computer.

1. Processor (CPU)

Processor (CPU)

This is the device in charge of giving instructions and executing processes.

To choose a good CPU you must take into account the number of cores it has, as well as the amount of GHz (gigahertz) with which it works since its speed will depend on this.

The processor can be Rayzen AMD or Intel from the Core family, in any of the cases it is recommended that it be 5 (Rayzen 5 or Core i5), since these have an average of 6 cores and 12 threads, in addition to their speed it is around 3gHz and the average price is between $225.

2. Motherboard


It is the base where all the components are assembled.

For the capacity of the motherboard, you should consider the number of ports available to install other components, which is why you should choose one that has several slots (for RAM, graphics card, and some peripheral ports). You can find very efficient options with costs starting at $50 pesos.

3. Graphics card

Graphics card

It is responsible for encoding information to convert it into images.

In addition to the memory capacity of the graphics card, you should consider the number of bits (information) that it can send. You can start with a card with a storage capacity of 2GB and a speed of 128 bits. Among the options worthy of the market are the GeForce GTX from Nvidia and Radeon RX from AMD where you will invest from $200.

4. Hard drive for gaming pc

Hard drive

The great memory is where all the information is stored.

To determine its efficiency, you should focus on its storage capacity, writing and reading speed, as well as the type of structure ( there are: M2, SSD -solid state- and HHD -mechanical- ).

Strictly speaking about a very efficient budget gaming computer, what suits you best is a solid-state hard drive with a minimum of 256 GB, and with quite affordable prices starting at $60.

5.RAM memory

RAM memory

It is the temporary memory, where the data and instructions of the CPU will be stored momentarily.

To finish with the "soul" of your computer, you must choose a RAM memory and in this, the most important thing that you must consider is the storage capacity, the number of channels through which the information will pass.

Generally, 8GB of memory is more than enough to run most of today's video games, and for prices under a thousand pesos.

As you can see, we already have the interior of your computer, however, we still need some details to finish it.

6. Power source

Power source

This is what the electricity regulator is called.

To choose it, you must consider the amount of energy that the rest of the components need to work correctly (you will be able to know this by reading the specifications of each one), although generally, a 600-watt power supply is enough. 

Also, consider a higher power based on the future update of the internal components of your gaming pc. 

7. Disperser


This is the computer's cooling system (fan).

The choice of this will depend totally and absolutely on the budget you want to invest in this component since they can be from mechanical fans to liquid cooling systems. Sometimes in the purchase of the graphics card or the case, some suppliers usually include a fan.

8. Cabinet


That big box contains all the components of your computer.

You should know that there are plastic cabinets without lights, very cheap and from there they increase in quality, eccentricity, and price, going through tempered glass, RGB lights, etc. The case is just the container that holds your computer, so you may not want to invest so much in this component at the moment. 

9. Gaming desk accessories and display

Peripherals and display

This component will be the “cherry on the cake”, here all those external parts that make up your computer are included, such as the keyboard, mouse, headphones, and a screen. There are many varieties from wired options too much more sophisticated and technological ones (which obviously raise their price).

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