How to speed up games on your Android mobile

We would all like to always have the most modern model of smartphone to enjoy the most modern processors, a greater amount of RAM, an ultra-fast storage system... but, unless we win the lottery, it is an impossible mission and we have to make do with what we have.


Fortunately, by following a series of tips, we can optimize the operation of our smartphone so that it gives its best when we use it for video games. If you want to know how to speed up the games on your Android mobile, I invite you to continue reading this article and follow all the advice that we offer you.

Obviously, if it is a smartphone that is older than humidity, we do not expect to optimize performance considerably, since miracles in this regard do not exist. However, if you have a smartphone that is 3 or 4 years old, you can take full advantage of it to enjoy your favorite games without jerks, without lags, and without unexpected closures.

Tricks to improve Android game performance

Close background apps

Applications that run in the background remain stored in memory to quickly open and display their content when the user demands it.

If we want to get the most out of our smartphones, it is advisable to close each and every one of the applications on our terminal so that they allow the game to give its best.

Take the cover off the terminal

In the most demanding games, the terminals heat up more than the user would like. If you want to prevent this from happening, the best thing to do is to remove the case from your device.

This way we will prevent the plastic of the covers from interfering with the natural ventilation of the device. It is useless to use applications in the background that promise to cool down the terminal.

Free up space in the terminal

The more free space the terminal has, the better performance it will offer us. As far as possible, it is recommended to have plenty of storage space in our terminal. One of the best applications to free up space on your device is Google Files, a free application that we can download through the following link.

The Play Store is not characterized as a source of applications that actually do what they advertise. It is not necessary to give an example because all of us have come across applications of this type, such as those that allow us to cool down the heating that our device suffers, even applications that allow us to access social networks illegally.

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However, among all the available applications that promise to improve the performance of our smartphones, we have found one that really does what it promises. I am talking about the Gamers GLTool app.

With the arrival on the market of smartphone models aimed at gamers, manufacturers have created various tools so that users can make the most of the power that the terminal can offer them, both in terms of processor, graphics, and RAM.

GamerGLTool is an application that allows you to add a game mode to all Android terminals on which it is installed. Unlike other similar applications, this one does not hide behind complex descriptions to try to confuse the user.

As soon as you open the application, it will show us what it does with our smartphone to get the most out of our terminal, even if it is a few years old. No artificial intelligence, what the application does is implement improvements so that the processor, graphics, and RAM give the maximum possible.

Once we open the application and skip the messages in which it informs how the application works, it will be in charge of detecting the processor model that our smartphone has, the graphics, and the amount of RAM memory.

Based on the power of our processor and graphics, the application will allow us to modify the parameters with which the games will be executed. The application offers us 4 sections to configure:

Auto Gaming Mode

This function automatically adjusts the power of the device so that it adapts to the maximum performance offered by our processor, graphics, and amount of available RAM.

Game Turbo

Within this section, we can configure the processor so that it makes use of all the processor cores and eliminates all the applications that run in the background and which can reduce the power of the device. It includes a system that is responsible for detecting if any application is interfering with the system.

Game tuner

In the Game Tuner section, we can establish what graphic resolution we want to apply to the game, the number of frames per second (fps), the rendering method of the game, if we want the game to show the shadows, and if we want to activate the function that allows us to improve image quality (MSAA).

Other Gaming Settings

This menu allows us to configure access to the configuration options of the Wi-Fi connection, the screen, and the night mode through the device menus.

How Gamer GLTool works

Once we have configured the values ​​that we want for each game, we can create a shortcut on our desktop or place the game in the control panel so that we can quickly run the application before playing without having to search for the application in our terminal.

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