5 Elden Ring side quests you can't miss

Elden Ring is From Software's newest game, released in February 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ), PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S . The title, brings the souls like subgenre into an open world, offers a gigantic map to explore, in addition to having a wide variety of enemies, fauna, flora, and NPCs. With so many things to do, it's possible to miss out on some of the sidequests, which are, in addition to being fun, important to understand more about the history of the Middlelands. With that in mind, Gamingbudha has separated five Elden Ring side missions that cannot pass beats. Note that the text may contain minor spoilers.

1. Trust


First of all, it's worth pointing out that this quest is missable and generates one of the endings available in Elden Ring, necessary for players who want the game's platinum. Fia is the woman who stays at the Round Table and offers hugs to players who talk to her. Her quest will only be released if users accept a hug from the character.

The starting point of her quests becomes available after accessing the Altus Plateau. After reaching this area or having completed part of the Rogier elden ring quest, the player must look for Fia and accept hugs until a "Talk in secret" option is available. Upon selecting this message, quests begin. This quest will help the player to get to know the Black Knives better, as well as The Order, a group that persecutes spirits that live in death.

However, some care is needed not to lose the quest. The first is to start before performing Ranni's quests and after obtaining the Inverted Cariana Statue. Another detail that can "bug" Fia's mission is to kill the character D.

2. Ranni


Ranni is one of the most important secondary characters in Elden Ring. The witch's quest is one of the longest in the game and provides deep insights into the lore of the Midlands. In addition, this quest is responsible for unlocking one of the game's endings, considered by many in the community to be the best possible. The first meeting with Ranni usually happens naturally. That's because she is the NPC that appears in Ellen's Church, right at the beginning of the game, and hands the Apparition Bell to the player.

The second encounter will start the Witch's quests. It takes place in Liurnia, in the Mansion of Caria. When exploring the location, the player must look for Ranni's Stone Tower. In addition to being necessary for platinum, the character's missions greatly expand that universe.

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3. Roger


Rogier Elden ring quests don't lead to a different ending or influence the Platinum achievement, which makes them easily missable for the most inattentive. However, despite being relatively short, Elden ring Rogier story brings dialogues that help to better understand the current moment in the Middle Earth. In order not to miss these quests, the player must complete them before meeting Ranni for the second time.

Initially, the Elden ring sorcerer will be in Veiled Castle, but after the player defeats Godrick, Rogier will go to the Round Table. In order to start the quests, it is necessary to explore the depths of Godrick's castle and find the sorcerer's body. From there, when you return to the Roundtable and talk to Rogier, the quest will become available. It is worth mentioning that, in some cases, after this start, Fia's missions are also available, without necessarily reaching the Altus Plateau.

4. Blaid


Blaidd's quest also doesn't unlock any specific endings and isn't even required for platinum. However, the wolf soldier's missions involve one of the most famous (and tricky) bosses in the Elden Ring: Radahn. It is through Blaidd that the player will get to know the entire history of the Festival, an event that marks a tradition where several soldiers come together for a glorious fight against the Star Scourge. Also, as a bonus, if you complete the quests, part of the reward is the stylish half-wolf armor set.

Because it's not a quest that directly influences the end, it's easy to miss Blaidd's quest. To not let it pass, the tip is to find the werewolf right at the beginning of the game, in Limgrave, to the right of the Abandoned House in the Forest. The player will hear howls and must return to Ellen's Church and talk to the merchant Kale, who will do the "Finger Snap" gesture. Then, the player must then return to the house in the forest and use the gesture after hearing the howls. Thus, Blaidd will appear.

5. Alexander the Iron Fist

Alexander the Iron Fist

Elden Ring is a dense and difficult game most of the time. At this point, Alexander the Iron Fist is a nice option for a little comic relief. Your initial quests are basically the big clay jar asking for help because it's stuck somewhere. Due to the good dialogues generated by the situation, this quest is essential to enrich the gameplay of Elden Ring.

Alexander's quests develop the character's friendship with the player. Although they don't influence the general lore as much, the mission makes the player gets attached to the giant jar and worry about it. The only way to miss Alexander's quest is to not talk to the character in the battle arena after defeating Radahn.

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