The Last of Us Part 1 is confirmed; multiplayer and series gain news

The Last of Us Part 1 was made official by Naughty Dog this Thursday (9), at Summer Game Fest 2022. The remake of the original PS3 game will be released on September 2 for PS5 and later on PC, still no date, confirming this morning's leak. The producer took the moment to also reveal that another The Last of Us game, fully multiplayer, is in production and will gain more details in 2023. Finally, new information was released about the HBO and HBO Max series .based on the game, as the official image and new cast actors. The series stars Pedro Pascal – from The Mandalorian – and Bella Ramsey – from Game of Thrones.

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Joel and Ellie

The show featured the above image, with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey portrayed as Joel and Ellie, respectively. The two are inside a museum, a very important and iconic scene from the original game, as they try to evade their enemies and continue their journey. There's still no release date for the first trailer, but there are more additions to the cast.

Pascal and Ramsey

Actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, who are the original voices of Joel and Ellie in both games, will participate in the series as characters with a certain importance. Neil Druckman, director of Naughty Dog, revealed the information and also said that he cannot disclose what the roles will be, but assured that this was planned from the beginning.

Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson

Last of Us Unreleased Multiplayer

The Last of Us multiplayer game was revealed by Neil Druckman also as a way to bring something new to the presentation. However, only one image was shown, with characters shooting from above a building in a devastated setting below. The director also revealed that the game will have the format of "Factions", from the original The Last of Us, and that, despite the focus being on online mode, this game - still without an official name - will have a campaign and story, with its own characters...

However, it seems that the launch will still take some time, as Druckman also confirmed that more information about the multiplayer game will only come in 2023. What is confirmed is that it will be a separate release from the others, that is, not will require the purchase of already released games to work.

Last of Us Unreleased Multiplayer

PS5 game has been redone

Druckman also joked about the fact that The Last of Us Part 1 was leaked on Twitter shortly before it was officially revealed during the event. It is worth remembering that, since April 2021, the first information about a possible remake of the game has also been circulating on the web, from a report by Bloomberg.

The Last of Us Part 1

Naughty Dog promises that the game has been completely redone and showed images that point to the best quality of The Last of Us Part 1 in this PS5 version. The remake will also include additional content from the original, Left Behind, which takes place before the story and focuses on Ellie before she meets Joel and begins her journey of survival.

Enjoy the Trailer :

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