Valorant update brings Episode 5, a new Pearl map, and more

Valorant Episode 5
Image Source: Valorant Facebook Page

Valorant Episode 5 arrived at games this Wednesday (22). Its update will bring to the FPS the new Pearl map, the first underwater arena in the game. With this, Split will be temporarily removed from the map selection so that Riot Games can only work with seven locations. More competitive players will also have another important new feature: the addition of the new "Ascendant" rank, which will be placed between Diamond and Immortal. Additionally, Valorant gets its new Battle Pass, the Event Pass: Between Worlds, a "Prelude to Chaos" skin line, and general bug fixes. Check out more details about Riot's FPS update below.

Pearl map
Image Source: Valorant 

According to the story released in the Pearl map presentation video, the underwater city was created with the climate collapse that the world in Valorant is about to experience. Kingdom Industries and the heroes of Omega covered the entire city with polycarbonate infused with Radianite, a powerful element that is part of the FPS story. As the barrier is transparent, it is possible to see the ocean just above, making this map quite unique.

Pearl will feature three routes for players to battle. It is worth noting that the arena will not have the mobility of doors, ascending ropes, or teleporters, which should require even more concentration in duels.

The Battle Pass will have a collection featuring the Classic Flicker, the Operation: Vacation Player Card, and the Perfect Standard Keyring. Purchasing the new pass will also allow you to earn items such as Phantom Task Force 809, the Firespit Operator, and the Cat Agent Keychain. The new Prelude to Chaos line will also feature skins for the Vandal, Operator, Shorty, and Specter weapons.

Users can also purchase the Wind Pass: Between Worlds and increase their collection of comic book-inspired player cards. It is worth remembering that this pass will be available until July 12th.

Lastly, Valorant had some bug fixes. Check out the list of what was done in the update:

  • Players can now spray wall spray in Garden A of Haven;
  • Jett can no longer equip a weapon during Impulse Breeze;
  • Pipelines and progress bar animations no longer flicker when using an ultimate point orb or untaming the spike at max range.
  • Agents revealed by Sova's Tracking Arrow or Fade's Haunt will now correctly appear on the minimap.
  • Aim visual effects no longer disappear when aiming with Chamber's Tour de Force;
  • The usage channel progress bar now works correctly if the player disconnects and reconnects during the match.
  • Fixed a bug where some weapons would equip with the wrong animation speed, which could display an incorrect visual representation of when you could fire.

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