For Honor is free for PC, PS4 and PS5; see how to download and requirements

For Honor
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For Honor, a medieval action game is available to download and try for free for a limited time. The offer is valid for PC and PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ) and PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ) console users until next Thursday (3). This means that you will be able to try out the game, but that it will not be in your library permanently. Ubisoft points out, however, that progress will carry over if players purchase the game later. Next, check out more details about the action title and how to download it.

How to download it?

To download and play For Honor for free, just go to the official promotion page ( ) or go directly to your platform of choice and get the game by 1 pm ( Brasilia time) on the 3rd of August. With all multiplayer modes and maps included, the Starter Edition of For Honor is offered for PlayStation consoles via the PS Store and for PC via the Ubisoft Connect, Steam, and Epic Games Store platforms.

To download and play For Honor
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PS4 and PS5 users can also search for the title on Sony's online store via the console. Thus, the download will start immediately. It is worth mentioning that For Honor is still part of the PS Plus, Xbox Game Pass, and Ubisoft+ catalog, so users of both services can play it at no additional cost at any time.

Story and gameplay

For Honor is a third-person medieval action game released by Ubisoft in 2017. The story takes place centuries after a natural catastrophe has unified all nations, causing a conflict between three peoples for local rule. To defend the honor of their factions, players enter brutal battlegrounds where they control Viking warriors, samurai, or knights.

The game has a single-player campaign divided into three chapters where you can attack different castles and fortresses. However, this mode mainly serves as a tutorial for newer players. In fact, For Honor's focus is on multiplayer, which offers a competitive and cooperative experience with friends on over 20 different maps.

Players have a series of classes at their disposal, with variations in skills and weapons. In this way, For Honor allows you to choose the best strategy to enter combats that, by the way, are very complex and intimidating initially. Players need, for example, to choose in real time the direction in which to attack or defend and also the intensity of the blows.

Minimum requirements

For Honor - Minimum Requirements (PC)

For Honor - Minimum Requirements (PC)
Image source: Steam

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