Fortnite Summer Doesn't Heat: see rewards and how to participate in the event

Summer Don't Heat
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The "Summer Don't Heat" event started this Thursday (21) at Fortnite. The novelty brings to Battle Royale a series of special tasks for players, which will be able to earn rewards such as experience, accessories, and themed costumes. The event will take place until August 9, 2022, but it is important to note that some of the activities will take a shorter time to complete. See below for all the tasks to complete in the event, the period in which they will be available, and the rewards for completing each one.

Altogether, Summer Don't Warm Up will have four types of tasks: Sponsorship, Advertising, Product Recall, and Rebuilding the Neighborhood. The event starts with the Sponsorship Tasks, which will be available gradually over the period from Thursday (21) to next Saturday (23). In them, the player will need to carry plates from Don't Heat, go through the boat race circuit and make someone else dance to the rhythm of the music.

This first batch of tasks can yield three types of rewards. Are they:

  • Experience
  • Back Accessory Your Little Friend Ice Cream
  • Meowsculitano Style of the Back Accessory Your Little Friend Ice Cream

Between the 24th and 27th of July, Propaganda Tasks will become available. This time, the player will have to dance to the beat of the music to complete the tasks. In addition, there are door-to-door sales activities, boat maneuvers, and gift sweets. The rewards for completing these tasks are:

  • Experience
  • Fishy Flurry Style of Back Accessory Your Little Friend Ice Cream
Ice-Blasted Snow Crunchem Back Bling default Style,
Image Source: Epic Games

Then, from July 28th to August 3rd, Product Recall Tasks take effect. There is not much explanation about them, but the rewards assigned to the activities are:

  • Experience
  • Fofforango Style of Back Accessory Your Little Friend Ice Cream
  • Lobby Music Nem Suei

It is worth remembering that there are still a few more prizes depending on the number of tasks each player completes. Between them:

  • Back Accessory Banana Sorbet Style Your Little Friend Ice Cream (3 Tasks)
  • Hang Glider Parasol of Don't Heat (7 Tasks)
  • Hot Rotation Gesture (14 Tasks)

The event will also reward players who contribute to rebuilding the crooked towers. This is Neighborhood 2.0, an initiative for creators to submit their own designs of locations to be voted on by the community. Winners will have their creations included in Battle Royale and Build Zero modes. It is also possible to complete the Rebuild the Neighborhood Tasks to gain experience, Smoke Trail, Pickaxe, and a Back Attachment.

Image Source: Epic Games

The activities in question will last for the Summer Don't Heat, starting on the 21st of July and ending on the 9th of August. These tasks will be divided into three categories:

  • Donate Bars to vote on Neighborhood construction projects.
  • Survive Phases of the Storm during the Rebuild the Neighborhood Event
  • Eliminate opponents during the Rebuild the Neighborhood event.

As with the previous ones, the player will also be able to earn items based on the number of Rebuild Neighborhood Tasks completed. The items are:

  • Phytoplankton Smoke Trail (3 stages)
  • Pickaxe Picaretroska (7 stages)
  • Gold-Boris Back Attachment (12 stages)
Image Source: Epic Games

Finally, Summer Don't Heat It will still have exclusive items for Club Fortnite subscribers. All members will automatically receive the Back Attachment Gelato Hug Style during the event in addition to the default style. The game is also getting some summer outfits like Charlotte — Reaper, Kor — Departed, Raz — Riptide, and professional swimmer Medley.

It is worth noting that you can purchase the Wharf Warriors Pack in the Battle Royale item shop as well. He has the Kor — Departed and Raz — Riptide outfits, as well as another new outfit for the game.

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