The Division mobile: Ubisoft's free shooter comes to mobile

The Division Resurgence

The Division Resurgence will be a new free mobile game from Ubisoft. The title will have an open world and will be part of the universe of Tom Clancy's The Division franchise, promising to bring the same third-person shooter and RPG elements of the series with an experience adapted for mobile. The new The Division has not yet had a set release date, but it arrives for Android and iPhone ( iOS ) devices, with gameplay that involves exploration and a cooperative proposal. For now, it is already possible to register on the game's official website to compete for a chance to participate in the Alpha testing phase.

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Like the first The Division, Resurgence will take place in New York, at the beginning of the fall of civilization after a terrorist attack unleashes a deadly virus that decimated the population. The story will follow the legendary first wave of agents from the "Strategic Homeland Division".

Your mission will be to restore order and rebuild the foundations of society, but a new enemy faction called the Freemen tries to disrupt the process. The storyline will be independent of previous games, but according to Ubisoft, the game will offer a unique perspective on events in The Division and The Division 2.

Gameplay will be adapted for touchscreen controls and match duration has also been adapted to ensure an optimized experience. Traditional game mechanics such as exploring an urban open-world, looting for materials, crafting new items, and modifying your equipment will be present. Players will gain new skills, weapons, and gadgets as they level up.

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