Stray: see passwords for the safes and entryways of the well known round of the feline

Stray, a game that became known as the “cat game”, was released on July 19, but has already won the hearts of gamers. In the experience, you need to control a lost little cat in a cyberpunk city looking for a method for getting back. To advance in this world, you need to settle confounds and conquer a few difficulties, for example, opening codes to open safes and entryways, to continue with the story. In the following list, Gamingbudha gives tips and informs the passwords of each of these items to make the game even better. Look!

Worth recalling Stray is accessible for PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ), PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ), and PC, through Steam . The game can be purchased on any of the platforms but at the same time is accessible at no extra expense for PS Plus supporters on the Deluxe and Extra plans.

1. Apartment door

One of the first doors the player encounters in the game is when the cat arrives in an apparently abandoned apartment. This is also where you will find the drone that accompanies the pet for the rest of the adventure, right at the beginning of the adventure. In a hallway, there is a closed door and a device that asks for the code.

Stray's most memorable code is in a dull room that should be lit

The secret here is to go back to a previous room, in the same hallway where the door is. The place is dark, but the drone can light it up. Just look at a board on the wall and the code will literally be written on it: 3748. Enter the secret word on the entryway and continue.

2. Door in Seamus' house

Further on, our cat finds the Favelas, a messier than usual place within the game world and where mysterious robotic beings live that interact with the animal only through emojis on their faces.

In Stray, one of the entryways is opened with the codes displayed on observes

After we enter Seamus' house, another one of the robots we find in the adventure, a code is needed to continue progressing the story. This one is obtained through a puzzle that involves the secret door below one of the frames. The tip is written on the wall: “Time reveals”. Just look at the four clocks on the side and see what time each one is marking, putting the numbers together: 2511.

3. Favela Safe

Still in the Favelas, run to one of the first alleys you find upon entering the scene, near the guitarist robot known as Morusque. In this place, which looks like an abandoned library, there is a safe that keeps secrets, as well as a note with the code to be discovered, on top of the object.

For the protected in the ghettos in Stray, converse with Elliot to unravel the code

The secret here is that the code must be deciphered by Elliot, one of the characters that the game presents. The robot is on the second floor of the house where the door has circuit codes. Just scratch the entrance with your cat's claws and then climb up, finding the android. Present the purchased ticket in the safe and it will inform you of the code: 1283, which unlocks a musical score.

4. In-store safe

In the City Center, in chapter 10 of the game and therefore well advanced in the story, there is a safe that provides a cat medal as a collectible. Once you enter the scenario, go to the second store on your right, which is a small market, and you'll soon see a safe, above the shelves. Enter the establishment through the main counter. Although it looks complicated, the code is quite easy to find.

At the Stray market, the code is placed in the protected over the counter

Just turn the kitten's viewing angle to the other side of the room and you'll see a poster with some sayings in the game's own language. Ask the drone to translate them and it will reveal a message: 2458:edoC. Notice that the word “code” is written backward, so the code is too. Just invert to use the right number: 8542.

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